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-   ABOUT US  -

Mya Akins (left) and Dorian Densmore (right) standing in front of one of their cherry trees.

Cherry Tree Mountain Health was started by Dorian Densmore after realizing the lack of energy and nutrition regular food and water was giving him. After spending so much time in the mountains he needed to find a way to recover and feel healthy. He began making teas for himself and realized how healing they were and wanted to share his discovery with others. 

All of Cherry Tree Mountain Health products are specifically designed to help give you extra nutrients and minerals to stay healthy and fit, while at home or on a three month expedition! Every product is made from high quality blends of wild and native plants that are handpicked.


These blends help your body function at its highest potential and make dealing with hard demanding activities manageable. Feel better and give yourself an advantage with Cherry Tree teas!

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